Registration note:  One race is $25, Two races are $35 and Three races are $48. If you are planning to do one race, select the option that says ONLY (i.e. 1 mile ONLY).  If you plan on doing more than one race please make sure you select each race. (i.e. 1 Mile with two other races, 5 Miles with two other races, and 10 Miles with two other races).  This is required so that you are registered in each race.

Last year we had our inaugural The Mile That Matters, which was a 1 mile walk/run held at Brass Tap in Boynton Beach.  Due to Covid-19 we have had to make a change and have decided to go virtual.  The great thing is you have 10 days to choose from to run your race September 20-30, 2020 (The distance must be run at one time, no pause is allowed).

Gather up your friends and family and participate in The Miles That Matters Virtual Charity Event to benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.    You have options!    You can choose to run 1 Mile, 5 Miler or 10 Miler or you can choose to do two race events or even do all three!    There are amazing medals for each race event!    Run them all and collect them all!   You have 10 days to complete your run or runs. 


We will also be using the AccuChip Virtual Scoring Platform which features a live leaderboard updated every 2 minutes with realtime tabulation of overall, gender and age group categories.  Registered runners enter their own times on an open results' page and the AccuChip Virtual Scoring Platform does all the rest.  There's no need for runners to email their times and fitness app links for manual tabulation of results. AccuChip Virtual does all the hard work and gives runners the immediate feedback they crave on how they are performing against other runners during the race.    The top three men and women in each Race event will receive 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals.